Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Show Closing Reception!

"The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Art Show", features 28 artists who created artworks based on Grimm's Fairy Tales. I made a mixed media work of art based on Cinderella. As the exhibit draws to a close, we have decided to have a closing reception.

The subject matter is unique to me, plus I utilized many different techniques all on this single piece, including collage, collage with tracing paper, charcoal drawing, and paint. I dare say, it is sort of a tour de force of my new artistic direction! Here is a chance for you to see the piece in person before it is taken down.
Closing reception: Friday, May 27th, 6pm.
Portland'5 Centers for the Arts, 1111 SW Broadway
This is a detail of "Cinderella Complex" that utilizes collage, collage with painted transparent tracing paper, charcoal drawing, acrylic paint and scratching with a razor blade.
This is a detail that uses thick applications of charcoal, which is then scratched away with a razor blade to articulate and draw the mice. The leaves are collaged painted paper, and the dress is collaged painted tracing paper over drawn and collage. You can see her legs through the skirt. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Springtime Shows!

It seems appropriate that spring is the time where I commence upon a new phase of my art career with a new body of work. I am showing in two new exhibits, very different from one another, but equally exciting. "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Art Show" and at Lane Gallery in NW Portland.

"Cinderella Complex" 40"x20"
The first is "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Art Show", a juried exhibition of artworks based on Grimm's Fairy Tales. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to make a unique work of art, slightly off the subject matter I have been focused on for a number of years, yet a subject that I felt inspired and impassioned by. This piece of art is based entirely on my imagination, using only a few pieces of photo images as references. 

The image is made from combining charcoal drawing, acrylic paint, and paper collage, including painted tracing paper to depict the diaphanous skirt of her dress. Through the filmy material, you can see the outline of her legs and one shoe. Heavy charcoal drawing is used in the lower part of the painting to not only depict the mice, but to represent the charcoal cinders that are the source of her name.

A statement will be displayed along side during the show:

"Cinderella is about to take control of her destiny by transforming herself into a Princess worthy of a better life. But although the transformation may appear complete (by the looks of her clean, glamorous appearance) underneath that veneer she is still rooted in her harder, grittier past (ashes in on her dirty, bare foot, surrounded by nocturnal mice). Though her difficult past may be seen as an inescapable wound, it also bears the foundation of her strength and determination" 

Opening reception, April 7th, 5-8pm. Exhibit dates, April 7th through May 31st.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


 Over the past two years (or is it three?) I have moved twice, helped build our current home and gotten married. Once I settled down into my new life I had to examine my life and my art through new eyes. I have been experimenting with new ways of doing my art, going back to basics by taking art classes, and trying to reinvigorate my craft. Now I feel I am ready to commence upon a new chapter in my art.

One of the major changes that have occurred is that got married, and made the decision to adopt my husband's name of Sapp. So I have made the move to add that name to my artist identity, making it Leslie Peterson Sapp. 

I have taken a huge leap of faith, and it feels as though I am finally coming in for a landing!

In many ways, the place I have landed is very much like were I was before. I am still doing images filled with people from the past. But I have expanded, become more adventurous and expressive. My subject matter and source material has widened. If you would like to read more about my current thoughts about my work, read the column just to your right under "About My Painting" and "My Technique".

Meanwhile, here are a few of my newest pieces.
" Big Brass Bed" 18"x24" Collage, charcoal on panel.
"Big Brass Bed" is almost completely collage. It is based on a film still from "The Killers"
"Big 500 10" 7"x8" Collage, charcoal, acrylic on panel.
This is a small piece I made for The Big 500 show on December 12th at The People's Art of Portland. I collaged old newspaper down and painted on top. It is based on a screenshot I took of "The Killers".
"Blue Dahlia" 24"x18" Collage, acrylic, charcoal on panel.
"Blue Dahlia" is a somewhat humorous portrait of my husband and I, based on a movie poster from the classic film. 
"Boy on a Settee" 40"x48" Acrylic, collage, charcoal on panel
This image is based on a snapshot. I did a very small version of this a few years ago. I always felt I didn't quite express what attracted me to the photograph. This time I took many liberties with it, and distorted the space to create more feeling and movement.  
"Boxer" 30"x40" Acrylic, collage, charcoal, pastel on panel.
This is based on a screenshot I took of the movie "The Killers". I feel it depicts in dramatic fashion the special sort of pressure men are subjected to. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Possibilities

After being able to take classes with Mark Andres over the winter and spring, I have been able to return to my work with fresh eyes and honed skills. One of the things that I was encouraged to do in my classes was to create preparatory sketches for my paintings by making collages. By doing this I was able to simplify the shapes and work out color and compositional questions. Here are a few examples of the collages I made followed by the finished painting.
Collage Sketch for Qualms 10"x7"
"Qualms" Acrylic on panel. 16"x11.25"
Collage Sketch for Those Were Pearls That Were Her Eyes 8"x7.75"
"Those Were Pearls That Were Her Eyes" Acrylic on canvas. 66"x60"
Collage Sketch for Commission 9"x9"
Commission. Acrylic on panel. 12"x12"

Collage Sketch for Commission 6"x8"
Commission. Acrylic on panel. 27"x36"
When I showed some of my collage work at my last exhibit at In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art in September, the response was so positive that I have decided to put more work into the collages and produce some as finished, salable pieces of art. Here is an example of my latest work in progress: 

Collage Study. Painted paper on board. 20"x10"

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Portland Exhibition at East Bank Commerce Center

It is has been a year of transitions for me. Now that my life has calmed to a more pleasurable pace, transitions are now manifesting in my painting! I have been taking time to luxuriate in my open ended schedule, to take classes and practice my craft. So although I am painting more than ever, I have not been creating very much finished work ready to show. However, some of my paintings will be making a rare Portland appearance during the month of May at The East Bank Commerce Center at 1001 SE Water St, Portland.

This is the building that happens to house the popular Clark Lewis restaurant. So why not stop there and indulge in a great dinner or a stunning happy hour this May. While you are there, be sure to use the bathroom, because if you do you cannot miss seeing my paintings in the lobby of the building! Many of the paintings have never been shown in Portland before, and there will even be a few new ones.

Keep your eyes open, for I will be having a show of completely new work next September at In Bocca al Lupo Gallery in Milwaukie, Oregon.
have one small show coming up next month. As many of you know, I frequently exhibit in regions outside the Portland area, such as Astoria, Roseburg, and The Dalles. But during the month of May my paintings can be seen at

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Learning Again

Since my last post "Back to Basics" I have continued to practice and improve my craft as well as experiment with new subject matter. In the course of it I have started to take a painting class. My husband says "Why do you want to take a painting class? You're already a good painter." And I say, "Because I want to be a better painter!"
The class I am taking is taught by Mark Andres, an artist, filmmaker and teacher I greatly admire. The class goes from 9am to 4pm every Friday, and has a live model. Here are some of the paintings I have done in this class so far.

If you are interested in Mark Andres' work, here are the addresses to his two websites:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Getting Back to Basics

After a jam-packed couple of years of art exhibits, selling a house, building a house, moving twice and getting married, I am settling into a more placid routine and enjoyment of life. I have very few artistic obligations on my calender, (only one show this coming spring plus a couple commissions) and I LIKE IT! I am luxuriating in my ability to spend as much time as I like on a painting, and have given myself permission to practice, to play, and create work for its own sake, rather than with an eye for sale.

After working from photographs So often, I have been feeling the need to draw and paint from life again. Working from photographs has tremendous advantages, but it can also lead to rigidity and complacency. So not only is working from life good practice, it also can broaden and deepen my experience in art making and lets me be in touch with the wonder of seeing.
Self portraits are an obvious choice when working from life- it is convenient and I don't complain about having to sit still for so long! But because I am concentrating as I work, most of my self portraits have a stern, even angry look about them. I'm not really angry, just absorbed in what I am doing, and that emotion gets translated into the finished work.

 Self Portraits are not the only life painting I have been doing. This is a painting of a pair of very large plants I have in my art studio.
By getting back to basics I aim to raise my confidence and mastery in my painting. As I joked to myself the other day, "I'm trying to teach myself how to paint."